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In the Burning Crusade

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade.

The Dragonkiller of Outland

Information about Gruul's Lair taken from the old official site:[1]

On Azeroth, the black dragonflight has long been hated and hunted by both mortals and other dragons. This is not so on Draenor. Indeed, dragons are not a species native to Draenor. When the infamous Dragon Aspect, Deathwing, discovered the Dark Portal and Draenor, he felt sure that few of Draenor's denizens would dare challenge the dragons. Thus, it was during the Second War that he traveled to Draenor and hid clutches of his eggs all over the world. Returning to Azeroth, he left behind only a small number of drakes to guard the eggs.
However, Deathwing had made a serious miscalculation by leaving some of his eggs in Blade's Edge Mountains. The gronn living in the area were not pleased by this potential challenge to their sovereignty. Tension soon erupted into conflict. Led by the mighty Gruul, the gronn and their ogre servants proved too much for the outnumbered black dragon guardians to handle. Nearly every dragon was torn from the sky by the diabolic incantations of the Bladespire clan and then impaled by Gruul on the stone spires of the mountains. The bones still scattered about Dragons' End serve as a stark reminder of the black dragons' defeat.
Today, Gruul the Dragonkiller is worshipped as a deity by the ogres of the Blade's Edge Mountains. His powerful sons ravage both the Blade's Edge Mountains and the plains of Nagrand. Gruul's unparalleled strength and experience in battle would pose a serious threat if he ever chose to attack Horde or Alliance forces in Outland.

Father and sons

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Gruul the Dragonkiller is the father of the seven gronn lords of the ogres, and the most powerful of them. Although he seems to be nothing but a cruel brute, he possesses intelligence. In the events unfolded in the novel Beyond the Dark Portal — shortly after Deathwing invaded his home — Gruul was met by the lost heroes of the Second War: Khadgar, Turalyon, and Alleria Windrunner. They were after the Skull of Gul'dan which Deathwing possessed. After that, Gruul and his ogre minions, along with the heroes, challenged Deathwing from his perch in Blade's Edge Mountains — killing his eggs and impaling his lesser black drakes on the mountain spikes. Infuriated by this act, Deathwing landed on top of them and attacked Gruul. Although clearly no match for the mad Aspect's power, Gruul was saved by Khadgar's miraculuous spell when he disassembled some of the adamantium plates that were holding Deathwing's unstable body together resulting in Deathwing's retreat. This led to a clear devastation for the black dragonflight in Outland. The results can still be seen as impaled black dragon corpses all over Blade's Edge Mountains.


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