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This article is a guild information page for Chronus of Alleria US.

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Who is Chronus?

Chronus is an Alliance raiding guild on Alleria US (PvE). Presently, Chronus has beat the game and is a little ticked that the princess was in another castle and that Malygos's corpse makes for such a lame picture. Founded by a visionary dwarf, Chronus puts forth the idea of Dwarven dominance in all aspects of Warcraft. Gnomes are very rarely allowed in the guild.

(Ed. Note - This idea is propagated by the "visionary" dwarf, and is far from actually being true. The Night Elves and Humans do the majority of the work, while the lazy Dwarves sit idly by.)

Chronus members can often be found stuck in holes all over Azshara, or near the spamming gnome Rakkanishu, or AFK in anything important, in the case of the hunter class leader. Most of the time, the guild is intoxicated, particularly the leadership, and this creates fun raid scenarios.

Website and Leadership Information

  • Guild Founder: Marteau
  • Guild Leader/ Raid Leader/ DKP Slayer: Sylexia
  • Webmaster: Cerrelle
  • Melee DPS Officer: Atlasbraker
  • Ranged DPS/ Bank Officer: Gadir


Chronus has cleared all prior raid content. Chronus is currently working through ICC, with its most recent success on Valithria Dreamwalker on 3/08/10.