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Ensidia is a horde guild on Tarren Mill EU. The guild was originally well-known for being comprised of former members of Nihilum and Curse, two top-of-the line guilds from The Burning Crusade that merged.


The merger occurred over a series of months in the fall of 2008. By the time BlizzCon 2008 came around, rumors began circulating between the members of Nihilum and their associates of a strife between their guild and the guild's partnership organization, Mousesports. Although the information was not entirely disclosed, it was apparent of the problems when the first rumors of leaving Mousesports occurred. No further information was revealed for an entire month to come.

At the same time, the guild members of SK Gaming's PvE squad were having problems with their organization as well. Finally, the guild parted from SK Gaming, due to "differences in interests". The guild once again changed its name to "Put Your Name Here" and simply stated that they had big plans ahead. It was unclear what it meant at the time, as the Nihilum: Mousesports MMO website became nearly vacant of its moderators and staff and what was said implied an enormous transition. For weeks nearing the eventual announcement, rumors of the split from Mousesports and a possible merge with the former SK Gaming squad persisted. Finally, on November 10, 2008, the twentyfifthnovember website was brought online and unveiled the new team comprised of Nihilum and Curse members, which opened its portal on April 15, 2009.

The PvE portion of Ensidia turned out to be extremely successful, pulling together more world first kills than other guilds combined. On September 12, 2009, it was announced that Ensidia would be transferring from Magtheridon EU to Tarren Mill EU. However, a few months later, on March 17, 2010, Ensidia transfered to Lightning's Blade EU to counter similar problems that prompted the first transfer. 25 of their members received a 72 hour ban after allegedely using exploits on their unrecognized world first kill of 25 man Lich King normal mode. Following being banned due to exploiting the 25 man normal mode Lich king fight it was announced, on April 12, 2010, that a number of their core players would be retiring from World of Warcraft altogether to focus on real-world affairs.

Ensidia has since disbanded.

Raiding history

World firsts

Date Boss Screenshot Notes
15 Nov. 2008 Sartharion Sartharion
15 Nov. 2008 Anub'rekhan Anub'rekhan
15 Nov. 2008 Grand Widow Faerlina Faerlina
15 Nov. 2008 Maexxna Maexxna
15 Nov. 2008 Noth the Plaguebringer Noth
15 Nov. 2008 Heigan the Unclean Heigan
15 Nov. 2008 Loatheb Loatheb
15 Nov. 2008 Patchwerk Patchwerk
15 Nov. 2008 Grobbulus Grobbulus
15 Nov. 2008 Gluth Gluth
15 Nov. 2008 Thaddius Thaddius
15 Nov. 2008 Instructor Razuvious Razuvious
15 Nov. 2008 Gothik the Harvester Gothik
15 Nov. 2008 The Four Horsemen Horsemen
15 Nov. 2008 Sapphiron Sapphiron
15 Nov. 2008 Kel'Thuzad Kel'Thuzad
15 Nov. 2008 Malygos Malygos
15 April 2009 Auriaya Auriaya
15 April 2009 Freya Freya Movie
16 April 2009 Yogg-Saron Yogg-Saron Movie
1st May 2009 Firefighter Movie
3 June 2009 Algalon Algalon Movie


Nihilum is a horde guild on Tarren Mill EU, most notable for being considered the number 1 World of Warcraft PvE guild in the world for a long time and ending as the world champions for PvP.[1] Their Mousesports-powered website was found at, and their IRC channel was located at on Nihilum was mostly made up of Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and German members. A large proportion of the members were playing WoW as their first MMORPG. Others were EQ1 and Lineage 2 veterans, and a few were ex-Counter-Strike players. At the end of Summer 2006, a large proportion of Nihilum members travelled to Gamers Paradise in Malmö, Sweden for a 5-day LAN event to promote World of Warcraft. They also attended a second such event in the beginning of July, 2007, called "The Electronic Sports World Cup", which was located in Paris, France. Their third, and last meet up were shortly after their partnership with German organization Mousesports, in Berlin. Their gathering lasted from the 25th July to the 31st July.

Raiding history

World firsts

Date Boss Screenshot Notes
25 Apr. 2006 C'Thun C'thun Approx. 22:30 CEST
7 Sep. 2006 Kel'Thuzad KT Movie
28 Jan. 2007 Doom Lord Kazzak Kazzak
3 Feb. 2007 Gruul the Dragonkiller Gruul


16 Feb. 2007 Hydross the Unstable Hydross
24 Feb. 2007 Magtheridon Mag Movie
11 Mar. 2007 Void Reaver Void Movie
29 Mar. 2007 Lady Vashj Vashj
13 Apr. 2007 Al'ar Al'ar Movie
25 May 2007 Kael'thas Sunstrider Kael'thas Movie
25 May 2007 Rage Winterchill Winterchill
26 May 2007 High Warlord Naj'entus Najentus
26 May 2007 Supremus Supremus Movie
26 May 2007 Shade of Akama Akama Movie
26 May 2007 Gurtogg Bloodboil Bloodboil
26 May 2007 Teron Gorefiend Gorefiend Movie
2 Jun. 2007 Reliquary of Souls EoS Movie
4 Jun. 2007 Mother Shahraz Mother Movie
4 Jun. 2007 Illidari Council Council
5 Jun. 2007 Illidan Stormrage Illidan Movie
10 Jun. 2007 Archimonde the Defiler Archimonde Movie
10 Apr. 2008 Eredar Twins Eredar Twins Movie

EU firsts

Other notable achievements

Nihilum were the world champions of PvP from their BlizzCon 2008 tournaments. Nihilum also achieved the world first kills for every final boss of every 25-man raid from Gruul's Lair to The Black Temple, as well as Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas. The guild also claimed that it made all the world first kills within the raid dungeon of The Black Temple. Nihilum's spree of defeating every final boss ended exactly two years and one month since its beginning, with their future comrades, SK Gaming defeating Kil'jaeden from the Sunwell Plateau.

Female member controversy

Nihilum had been the subject of controversy due to a comment on their website, a recruitment post on 17th March 2007, which said "girls need not apply".

On a WoWRadio interview with Nihilum, Awake and Ekke explained:[4]

It was an internal joke really, within the guild. There is nothing really to it, to say, because we don't mind female players. We don't mind females at all, it was just a mix-up with a php file.
We accidentally uploaded the wrong file, and we didn't really notice it until later, because as you can see female was still an option and because we already have a female member in our guild before that.
We have one female currently, and there's no problem with her.
Drama goes both ways. Guys can be drama too, females can be drama, whatever. Anyone can be drama so, I just want to state obviously, that we have nothing against whatever gender you are. You can be an alien so long as you kick ass, you have a good personality and have good gear, we don't care.


The guild known as Curse had a long and checkered history as a contender in the World of Warcraft PvE scene. Starting simply by its original name, Curse on Stormscale EU, the guild was always a force to be reckoned with, often appearing on many pre-TBC lists and getting numerous server firsts. What really put their name out in the public was their superior mods website, Curse-Gaming, which originally was their complex guild website. However, their fame and fortune came after the release of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, when they had recruited a myriad of skillful players and picked up the pace seriously. Getting a few world firsts in the 4th and 5th tier dungeons helped their reputation. When the Black Temple and Hyjal Summit were released, they set out to conquer as many world firsts as possible. They were, however, at odds with Nihilum which took all the Black Temple world first kills and stole the world first kill of Archimonde. Afterwards, Curse joined up with the eSports organization, MeetYourMakers and interacted with them for awhile. This new partnership was poorly-organized and did not work.

However, good fortune came to the guild, as SK Gaming, one of the most prestigious gaming organizations in the world, had offered the guild the position as SK's PvE squad. So they united under SK Gaming's notorious banner and when the long-awaited final dungeon, the Sunwell Plateau was released, the newly-formed guild struck. They received all but one EU first kill, three world firsts, including the final boss, Kil'jaeden.

Raiding history

World firsts

Date Boss Screenshot Notes
27 May 2007 Kaz'rogal Kaz'rogal
29 May 2007 Azgalor Azgalor
26 Mar. 2008 Felmyst Felmyst Movie
4 May 2008 M'uru M'uru Movie
25 May 2008 Kil'jaeden Kil'jaeden Movie

EU firsts

  • On 5 March 2007, Curse achieved the EU-first kill of Nightbane
  • On 26 March 2008, SK Gaming achieved the EU-first kill of Kalecgos
  • On 26 March 2008, SK Gaming achieved the EU-first kill of Brutallus


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