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This article is a guild information page for Stone of Jordan of Maelstrom US.

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The Stone of Jordan is a "casual" Raiding Alliance (that is, our guild runs raids that don't strictly require raiders to carry our tag) on the Maelstrom US server.

We are "casual" in that we raid 25-man content for no more than 10 hours per week. We are still a "serious" raiding circle that expects everyone to perform on par with players in guilds that raid more extensively. This means being punctual and prepared at raid time and having the sufficient knowledge and ability to play your class to your most effective potential.

We seek players who understand that they can still strive to be successful raiders on a lighter schedule than other guilds.

Guild progress[]

Weekly raid schedule[]

  • 10:
    • Friday and Sunday, same times as above.
  • Other raids scheduled when guild members request/ at GM's disgression, entirely optional.

Guild rules[]

  • We distribute loot via Loot Council.
  • Perks for raiders:
    • We pay ALL repairs incurred by our members whilst raiding if they request it.
    • We also frequently give free consumables, potions, etc. out and give a 25% - 50% discount on all enchanting, crafting, gemming/glyphing, services and materials for our core raiders.
    • We also frequently give out free pizza during raids (yes really).

On a final note, Stone of Jordan is technically a raid alliance and you do not have to be in our guild to attend our raids as long as you behave in the manner that we expect all our raiders to keep: This means turning up on time, staying until the raid's end unless prior notice is given or an emergency occurs, and not causing drama or unnecessary delays/wipes/AFKs.


Vivielle/Sylvantha, Guildmaster
Andromache, Guildmaster/Raid Leader
Barrdim, Officer
Alimea, Officer
Nukum, Drunken Officer
Phalanxe, Officer