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Guild Officers

Chief (Guild Master)

Chieftains (Senior Officers)

Those who act as policy makers and council to the Chief

Class Champions

Advisory Officers (Elders)

Honorary Inactive Officers

  • Ayup (former Guild Leader)
  • Jingojango (former Guild Leader)
  • Skraggy (former Shaman Champion/Chieftain)
  • Thangdor (former Raid Leader/Chieftain)
  • Aldonza / Sis (former Chieftain)
  • Mar (former Personnel Officer/Chieftain)
  • Incognecro (former Death Knight Champion/Chieftain)

Guild Information

Guild Overview

The Tribe is a Horde guild on the Aggramar server. It was founded by Ayup in December 2004.

The Tribe has three major claims to fame:

First, its founder and long-time GM Ayup is well-known on Blizzard's Aggramar forums as a genuinely nice, caring, funny, and often pantsless person. As such, he figures prominently in the server's history, including the Aggramar community cartoons created by the enigmatic Song. Very few long-term Aggramarians of either faction do not know and love Ayup.

Second, due in large part to Ayup's foundation and JJ's continued solid leadership, The Tribe has grown to be the largest Horde guild across all PvE realms (roughly 450 characters/110 accounts). (Source: Wowarmory)

Third, The Tribe as a guild is extremely well-respected within the Aggramar community and with its friends spanning multiple realms for being fiercely committed to exemplary conduct, its family-friendly atmosphere, and generally being nice to people of all guilds and factions. The document that best describes this attitude toward playing World of Warcraft is The Tribe's official Guild Charter. The Tribe experiences very little turnover in its membership, and despite the massive number of characters in the guild, over the past two years their fellow Aggramarians have come to expect that any character with <The Tribe> guild tag will be consistently nice, helpful, and honorable.

Guild Progression

Despite putting such an emphasis on supporting many different types of players - casual players, serious players with limited playtime, and hardcore players - The Tribe finished The Burning Crusade as the 11th most advanced Horde guilds on the Aggramar server (Source:, September 2008). Now that the release of the Wrath of the Lich King is upon us, The Tribe is poised for continued success in all new content that Blizzard has to offer.

As of February 27, 2010 our raid progression is focused on Icecrown Citadel 25 and 10 with Trial of the Champion 25 in our schedule to help gear members up.

You can see our progress here: