The Guild window is how most players will keep up-to-date on the what, where, who, and maybe why of their guilds. It is also the main control panel for guild leaders to control the permissions of guild related access and permissions.

Guild tab

This is the default tab when you open the guild window.

Roster tab

This is the list of guild members.

News tab

This is the automatically generated guild news.

Rewards tab

This is the list guild rewards available to members and future ones that can be unlocked.

Info tab

This is the info tab primarily only editable by the guild leader or officers.

View Log

Similar to guild news, the View Log includes guild control changes such as rank and bank tab permissions changes.

Guild Control

Icon-time.svg This section concerns content that is out-of-date. Reason: Needs screenshot with Challenge Mode and Scenarios.

Guild Control is the control center of the guild permissions and rank setup.


Recruitment is the guild leader side of Guild Finder.

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