This page describes the boss in the level 85 heroic mode dungeon of Zul'Aman. For the old raid version, see Boss Halazzi <Lynx Avatar>.

This boss casts a Water Totem pretty early in the fight, tank needs to take boss out of Totem range and the healer should stand in it. The aura gives you mana and health back at a pretty steady rate. The boss continues to cast Water Totems throughout the fight so be sure to keep kiting him out of them and your healer keeps inside them.

The boss casts Enrage but its not anything particularly worrysome. The boss will summon a Lynx and his health will be restored back to full. Do not panic he does that every fight, when he summons the Lynx focus dps on it since it jumps around to random players regardless of threat. The lynx will cast a bleed or a debuff on some party members just be aware of this healers and give them a little extra love.

Halazzi also summons a Lightning Totem that needs to be killed as quick as possible, it has low hp so a hit or two will be plenty.

This fight is cake if heals stays in Water Totem because they will have max or close to max mana throughout the whole encounter. ENJOY :D

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