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For Halford Wyrmbane found on the Isle of Conquest, see Halford Wyrmbane (tactics).
Through the valleys and peaks of Mount Hyjal, across the shifting sands of Silithus, against the Legion's dread armies - we have fought. We are the nameless, faceless, sons and daughters of the Alliance. By the Light and by the might of the Alliance, the first strike belongs to us and the last strike is all that our enemies see.
We are 7th Legion.
- Halford Wyrmbane
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High Commander Halford Wyrmbane is the leader of the 7th Legion and Wintergarde Keep, a major Alliance base in the Dragonblight.

In the quest An End And A Beginning, he asks players to defeat Thel'zan the Duskbringer (formerly the treacherous priest Inigo Montoy) who was given the phylactery of Kel'Thuzad which — as it was not destroyed — allowed the Archlich to regain corporeal form.

Wrath of the Lich King

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.



World of Warcraft: Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Wyrmbane is mentioned in a Horde quest in Silverpine Forest, and is briefly visible in a cutscene on top of the gnomish submarine off of Gilneas' coast. His subsequent involvement in the zone remains unclear.

Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content exclusive to Battle for Azeroth.

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Wyrmbane reappears in Boralus and acts as the War Campaign officer.

Objective of

  • A [120] An End to the Killing
  • A [120] How to Sink a Zandalari Battleship
  • A [110] The Speaker's Imperative (to talk with)


  • A [110] Return to BoralusQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [110] The Final FootholdQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [110] The Ongoing CampaignQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [110] The War CacheQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [110] The Zandalar CampaignQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [110] Voyage to the WestQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [110] Heart of DarknessQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [110] Honor BoundQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [110] Island ExpeditionQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [110] Ooh Rah!Quest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [110] Zuldaar FootholdQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [110] Establish a BeachheadQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [110] Reporting InQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [110] The Battle for LordaeronQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [110] The Speaker's ImperativeQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Blood on the SandQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Bringing Down the FleetQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] How to Sink a Zandalari BattleshipQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Improvised SurvivalQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Never Stop CombingQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Overseas AssassinationQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] The Big BoomQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] The Vol'dun PlanQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Uniting Kul TirasQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Victory Was AssuredQuest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] An Unexpected GuestQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Comb the SandQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Crippling the HordeQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Dino ResearchQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Grimwatt's CrashQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Intercepted OrdersQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Jungle EscortQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Keep CombingQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Leave None AloneQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Mistvine LedgeQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Mugamba OverlookQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Necessary SuppliesQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Our Next TargetQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Spare PartsQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Splitting UpQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Veiled GrottoQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Verdant HollowQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] Vulture's NestQuest Avail 16x16.png
  • A [120] A Clean EscapeQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Classic ReliquaryQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Dirty WorkQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Gallywix Got AwayQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Intercepted OrdersQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Our Next TargetQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • A [120] Report to WyrmbaneQuest Complete 16x16.png


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