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The Hall of Shadows is the order hall for the rogue class. It is found within the World of Warcraft: Legion Underbelly of World of Warcraft: Legion Dalaran, right under the nose of Khadgar. Though technically a part of the Underbelly, it is not connected to the parts other classes can get to.

The Hall of Shadows is made up of multiple parts; First is the stairs from Glorious Goods which leads to the Cloaked Vestibule. From there, the majority of vendors in this class hall can be found along the northern stone gangway before coming to the bridge which leads southwest to the old Cantrips and Crows Tavern. Next, to the northwest of the Tavern, past the Tunnel of Woe, is the Den of Thieves training area where, judging from the skeletons littering the floor, fights to the death take place. Then, continuing southwest through the Tavern, the Uncrowned Vault can be found. This houses the [Crucible of the Uncrowned], used for the empowering or altering the appearance of your Artifact Weapon. Finally, also through the Tavern and a little more south than the Vault, hidden behind a bookcase and down a set of stairs, is the Chamber of Shadows, which is accessed via turning a torch on the wall.

Members of the Uncrowned include the Bloodsail Buccaneers, SI:7 of the Alliance, Defias thieves, Ravenholdt Assassins, Black Market Auction House dealers, the Shattered Hand of the Horde, the Deathstalkers of the Forsaken, and all manner of bandit, cut-purse, pirate, or shady mercenary on Azeroth.


Getting there

There are four ways for Rogues to enter the Hall of Shadows.

  • The first of which would be the hidden entrance revealed by "Red" Jack Findle in Glorious Goods after showing him your insignia.
  • The second and third require interacting with a door knocker after speaking with an NPC. These NPCs would be Mongar in the upstairs portion of Tanks for Everything (mining NPCs area) and Lucian Trias behind the counter in One More Glass (store behind cheese vendor). The knocker inside One More Glass deposits you on the stone gangway close to Griftah, opposite from the Cloaked Vestibule, while the knocker in Tanks for Everything deposits you in the Den of Thieves.
  • The fourth method is through the Tunnel of Woe. One end is located inside the order hall, between Cantrips and Crows and the Den of Thieves, while the other end is on the southwest underside of the landmass Dalaran occupies. It is highly recommended one should have finished Broken Isles flying before attempting its use.

Fair warning should be given to other classes attempting to enter the Hall of Shadows as there are plenty of stealthed rogue NPCs ready to give an unexpected beat down in addition to the visible ones.



  • Neutral IconSmall Troll Male.gif Griftah <Amazing Amulets> Quest Avail 16x16.pngQuest Complete 16x16.png
  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Tako Whisperpaw <Tricks and Traps>
  • Neutral IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Jenri <Spymaster>
  • Neutral IconSmall Human Female.gif Granny Smith <Fruit Seller>
  • Neutral IconSmall Gnome Female.gif Lily Locksprocket <Borrowing Supplies>
  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Madam Gosu <Black Market Liaison>
Quest givers
  • Neutral Elite Rare NPCNeutral Al'Abas <The Magnificent>
    • Complete some of Wanna Buy a Lamp? quest chain for Al'Abas to appear next to Griftah

Main building

Quest givers

Chamber of Shadows

Quest givers




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