Hallow's End

Hallow's End is a Halloween-style event that takes place at the middle-end of October. It starts on October 18th, and ends on November 1st.

When the decorations of Hallow's End light up Azeroth's cities, you know there's mischief afoot! Seek special vendors in Orgrimmar or Ironforge and get your hands on treats! Aid a sick orphan in a little trick-or-treating! Darkcaller Yanka, attending the Forsaken's Wickerman Festival, and Sergeant Hartman of Southshore are seeking your aid in keeping the enemy out of their holiday affairs -- are you up to the challenge?


Hallow's End marks the day the group of Undead that would later be known as the Forsaken broke free of the Lich King's dominance and once again regained their free will. They celebrate this occasion by setting fire to a wickerman after a short speech from Sylvanas herself and smearing the ashes across their faces.

Why the Alliance - or, for that matter, the other Horde races - also celebrate this event is unclear. Some people will use any excuse to throw a party.

Fun Stuff


Each of the 3 main quests will reward you with a number of [Hallow's End Pumpkin Treat]s and 250 reputation with your faction, either Alliance or Horde.




Note: Make sure you aren't in a raid for Wickerman trying to do any of these quests.

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