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Hallowed Wands are given out during the Hallow's End festival in Azeroth and Outland. They are one of the random drops from [Handful of Treats]. A Handful of Treats can be obtained by looting the Candy Buckets during the associated quest or in a Inv misc gift 05.png [Crudely Wrapped Gift] after freeing a town from the Shade of the Horseman.

The Hallowed Wand is also sold by Alliance Stymie and Horde Darla for 2 Tricky Treat each.

These wands typically have 5 charges and allow you to take the form of another creature or humanoid of Azeroth for an hour.


There are eight types of Hallowed Wands including:

= Added with Patch 6.2.2

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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2.2 added 3 new types:

  • [Hallowed Wand - Gargoyle] - ...
  • [Hallowed Wand - Nerubian] - ...
  • [Hallowed Wand - Wight] - ...


Wands can only be used on party members. Simply select a party member and right-click the wand to get them into the Holiday Spirit. They cannot be cast on one's self however. (As a result, use of charges are often sold during Hallow's End to use with the achievement.)

Patch changes

Related achievements

Money achievement.png The Masquerade requires that you be transformed by each of the seven non-random Hallowed Wands.