Haris Pilton in-game.

Haris Pilton is a blood elf vendor who can be found in the World's End Tavern

[74.3, 31.4]

in the lower part of Shattrath City accompanied by her dog Tinkerbell. Her name and title are an obvious reference to Paris Hilton.

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Items sold

Item Cost Type Supply
Inv misc shadowegg.png [Portable Hole] 3000g Bag Unlimited
Inv misc bag 27.png ["Gigantique" Bag] 1200g Bag Unlimited
Inv jewelry ring 22.png [Sapphire Pinky Ring] 600g Ring 1
Inv jewelry ring 72.png [Noble's Elementium Signet] 2400g Ring 1
Inv jewelry ring 71.png [Gold Eternium Band] 3000g Ring 1

No longer sells

Item Cost Type Supply
Inv helmet 47.png [Ruby Shades] 5c Head 1

Patch changes



  • Priests who have [The Eye of Divinity] equipped will be able to see Ricole Nichie standing next to her.
  • In Russian version this character was named Псения Кобчак (Psenia Kobchak) as reference to Kseniya Sobchak, who is known as Russia's Paris Hilton.

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