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Hawks are birds of prey that inhabit a range of climates and terrain. They primarily favor cold environs and mountains, the bulk of them located in Northrend.

The subspecies below can be tamed by hunters and fall into the bird of prey family.


Daggercap Hawk.jpg

Fjord Hawk.jpg

  • RepFrame - Neutral.png Combat [68-70] IconSmall Hawk.gif Fjord Hawk
  • RepFrame - Neutral.png Combat [69] IconSmall Hawk.gif Oiled Fledgeling
  • RepFrame - Neutral.png Combat [70] IconSmall Hawk.gif Oil-Covered Hawk

Young Fleshripper.jpg
Note: Vulture/condor skins are typically carrion birds. This is the only bird of prey that has this skin.

Vanity/Battle pet


Hawk from Warcraft 3

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