For the heirloom version of this staff, see Dignified Headmaster's Charge.
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Human Female with Headmaster Charge

Headmaster's Charge is a staff that, when used, gives party members a buff that increases intellect by 20, making this staff highly sought after for PvP and raids. In raids, it is often used by support characters such as priests and druids, who are less likely than DPS casters to have a raiding epic like the Staff of Dominance. The buff stacks with the Arcane Intellect buff from mages; however the staff must remain equipped or the buff will disappear.


This item is a very rare drop from Darkmaster Gandling, final boss of Scholomance.


The droprate of the staff is subject to uncertainties. The different databases will usually tell you something like 0.1%-0.2%, although it is rumored that the droprate was changed to 1% in Patch 1.10.

This staff is useful to all caster classes. It is particularly useful for Holy-spec priests (due to its +Spirit), and Warlocks (due to its high +Stamina). Ultimately, as one of the only epic weapons available to a non-raider, this staff will be useful to and rolled on by everyone who might use it.

Raiders should again note that the Headmaster's Charge must remain equipped for the buff to remain in effect. Therefore, if you already have an epic of some other kind, especially a +Spell Damage staff, you should probably pass this to a support class who is more likely to actually use it during a boss fight.

Patch changes

  • World of Warcraft Patch 1.8.0 (10-Oct-2005): The effect of the Headmaster's Charge has been changed. You can now click the Headmaster's Charge to provide yourself with an aura that gives you and your nearby party members a stamina increase. Taking the staff off will remove the effect.

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