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For the role of healing in World of Warcraft, see Healer class.
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Healing is a cleric spell. The aiding of our brothers and sisters in times of sorrow, grief, and illness is the primary concern of the disciples from Northshire Abbey. This has required us to devise a way to ease the burdens of those about us, without causing another an equal burden. This has led us to using the spirit of humanity itself to heal all forms of injury or disease. The effect is that the pain and injury of the one afflicted is divided amongst all humanity, making the burden easier to bear (carrying the cross of another).[1] (W1Man #?)

Other meanings

  • To repair health damage.
  • Any spell that repairs health damage is a healing spell, but traditionally only spells that only repair health damage fall into this category, as opposed to drain spells that transfer health.
  • Reduced healing debuffs decrease the effectiveness of healing.
  • A magic domain and magic subschool, see magic schools
  • A trade skill profession, see Crafts and professions.

See also: Buff, DD, DoT, Debuff, Area of Effect, Utility

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