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Schools of Red Snapper can be found all along the Crystalbrook river, which divides the draenei starting area Ammen Vale from the rest of Azuremyst Isle. The red snappers are an important source of food for the nearby draenei camp Azure Watch, and one of the draenei (named Diktynna) has been fishing here to provide for the camp. However, murlocs have recently started causing trouble in the area, and have injured Diktynna so that she can no longer do her job. Adventurous young draenei passing through the area of Ammen Ford may want to pay her a visit (see A [6] Red Snapper - Very Tasty!).

Diktynna possesses a special [Draenei Fishing Net] which allows her to catch many [Red Snapper] from these schools.


To gather [Red Snapper], swim/walk up to Schools of Red Snapper in the Crystalbrook river (Ammen Ford) on Azuremyst Isle. When you are close to the fish school, right click the [Draenei Fishing Net] provided with the quest to loot [Red Snapper]. If a murloc appears instead, kill it and loot [Red Snapper] from it instead.


The Name of Object is involved in the following quests:

Use the [Draenei Fishing Net] to catch 10 [Red Snappers]. Return both the fish and the net to Diktynna on Azuremyst Isle when the task is complete.


The Name of Object contains the following items:

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