Heroes' Plagueheart Garb is the 10-man version of the Tier 7 set for Warlocks.


The Heroes' Plagueheart Garb items are sold in Dalaran. They are "purchased" with Tokens of the Lost Conqueror.

Slot Token Dropped by Found in
Head 1 Helm_of_the_Lost_Conqueror Kel'Thuzad Naxxramas
Hands 1 Gloves_of_the_Lost_Conqueror Sartharion Obsidian Sanctum
Legs 1 Leggings_of_the_Lost_Conqueror Gluth Naxxramas
Thaddius Naxxramas
Shoulders 1 Spaulders_of_the_Lost_Conqueror Gluth Naxxramas
Loatheb Naxxramas
Chest 1 Chestguard_of_the_Lost_Conqueror Gluth Naxxramas
Four Horsemen Naxxramas

The Tier 7 set items also drop directly from Archavon the Stone Watcher.

Some Tokens of the Lost Conqueror can also be bought for Emblems of Heroism or Emblems of Valor, respectively.


Heroes' Plagueheart Garb
Inv crown 01.png
Inv chest cloth 43.png
Inv pants cloth 05.png
Inv shoulder 25.png
Inv gauntlets 17.png


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