High Chief Winterfall is a level 59 named furbolg found in Winterfall Village, Winterspring. He attacks with Frost Shock and Maul. Donova Snowden wants High Chief Winterfall killed. The Timbermaw Hold furbolgs also want him killed, and his killers gain 40 reputation with their faction (capped at 20999/21000 Revered).

Attacks and abilities


High Chief Winterfall has a guard in very close proximity. Before 2.3.0 he was an elite and had two guards; it was typically easier to crowd control the guards (sap, polymorph, etc) or offtank them and concentrate on the High Chief first, since he was the hardest hitter. After the Chief was down, the rest of the fight was easy, as his guards were normal Winterfall Furbolgs. Since 2.3.0 this strategy is obsolete though, as the High Chief is a normal mob and only has one guard.




Reputation: 50 (10 at lvl 70)

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