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Highmountain is a new zone introduced in World of Warcraft: Legion World of Warcraft: Legion. It is located on the Broken Isles, serving as its highest point, and indeed the highest peak in the whole of Azeroth. The Highmountain tauren and drogbar call it home; despite the rough terrain, it has deep canyons and fertile valleys of untamed wilderness. The Lair of the Earth-Warder can be found here, the cavernous former home of Neltharion.

Hemet Nesingwary is slated to bring his hunters into the zone.


The tauren tribes of Highmountain are the direct descendants of those that fought in the War of the Ancients and have lived within the mountains for millennia. They consist of three major clans, united together as the Highmountain tribe: Rivermane, Skyhorn, and Bloodtotem. They have lived in peace for generations, but the drogbar rose up and stole their most sacred artifact.

This incident has fractured the unity of the tauren clans, giving the drogbar the opportunity to strike at them in an attempt to claim all the tauren territories for themselves.

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