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Were you looking for the Highmountain Tribe on World of Warcraft: LegionBroken Isles?

The Highmountain tribe is a nomadic tribe of tauren.[1] In aftermath of the Third War, the tribe is living in Eastern Kingdoms. Highmountain Tribe is the name of Highmountain tauren who live on the Broken Isles, but their relation to Highmountains of Eastern Kingdoms is unknown.



The Highmountain are a tribe of tauren that predates the War of the Ancients, as Huln Highmountain lived at that time.[2] In the aftermath of the Third War, those that departed Highmountain live in Kalimdor, having an ancestral place in Feralas known as Camp Mojache, and Mulgore, respectively.[1]

Those that remained in Highmountain have been all but forgotten by the denizens of Azeroth, but with the third invasion of the Burning Legion via the Broken Isles, adventurers come into contact with them.

Azeroth history

Trag Highmountain

Trag before he died.

Trag Highmountain was a tauren of this tribe; he left his fellows and joined a barony of Mordis. During a battle he died,[3] but was raised as a Forsaken because of the powers of the Orb of Ner'zhul.[1]

Dark Portal Opens

Melgromm fights against demons.

Melgromm Highmountain helped the Horde and the Alliance drive the demons back to Outland. He later fought on the Stair of Destiny when they managed to cross the Dark Portal.

Betrayal of their undead tribesman

Trag returned with his tribe, but the shaman, Sulamm, betrayed him and ordered Ornamm to kill Trag whilst he slept with a spell. Trag was burning when he awoke and defeated the tauren party led by Ornamm without killing anyone. He confronted the shaman and even though his rage and the Lich King's whispers sparked a desire to kill Sulamm he couldn't, instead leaving him in trance because of his own spell. Trag left his tribe because of what they tried to do and because he could put them in danger.[1]