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From an old post on the official forums[1] and a section of a talk page.[2]

  1. Start WoW & log in to the realm you want to trace.
  2. Press ALT-TAB to minimize WoW and return to the desktop.
  3. Click Start, then Run, then type "cmd"
  4. In the DOS window type "netstat -an"

You will see 2 IP addresses - the first will be Established on port 1119, 3724, 6112, 6113, or 6114, and the 2nd will show an established connection on a random port. It will look like this:


The first line is your connection to Blizzard's login server. The line below should be the IP address of your server.

Windows 7

Another way of finding the IP address if you are on Windows 7 (and possibly Vista) is opening up the Resource Monitor and filtering to the Wow.exe process. You should see 2 active connections. One is to the login server and seems to be in the block every time I have connected. The other connection is your game server. As a note to anybody going through all of the servers if you go to the character select screen a connection is opened to the server, so you don't need to have a character on every server to test it's IP address.

Crash method

Alternatively, if you manage to crash the WoW client, the second line of the crash report will be the realm "Realm: Alleria []".


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