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Huln Highmountain (aka Huln of the eagle spear) was the spokesman for all the tauren tribes gathered by Krasus and Rhonin to help the night elves in their fight against the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients.[1]


Huln carried a spear he referred to as the "eagle spear", upon which were markings that described the history of the weapon and the feats of its previous owners.[1] After Huln's life was saved by Jarod Shadowsong, he promised to carve his name on the spear, which would cause Jarod to be honored for generations of Huln's line.[2]

Huln survived the War of the Ancients, and presumably died after some time.

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It's possible he is an ancestor of Trag Highmountain, though this hasn't been confirmed.

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