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This article is about the human playable race. For humans in general (including all human factions), see human.
Recent discoveries have shown that humans are descended from the barbaric vrykul, half-giant warriors who live in Northrend. Early humans were primarily a scattered and tribal people for several millennia, until the rising strength of the troll empire forced their strategic unification. Thus the nation of Arathor was formed, along with its capital, the city-state of Strom.
- Blizzard intro

The humans of Stormwind are one of the playable Alliance races in World of Warcraft. They are a resilient breed, having survived an invasion by the savage orcs during the First War. During the Second War, the armies of Stormwind rallied with the Alliance of Lordaeron to reclaim their homeland of Azeroth. After the success of the Second War, Stormwind was rebuilt and human civilization began to flourish once again throughout the southlands.


The noble humans of Stormwind are a proud, tenacious race. They bravely fought the orcish Horde for generations as the patrons of the Grand Alliance. Just as they thought peace had at last settled over their war-torn kingdoms, an even darker shadow descended upon the world. The undead Scourge unleashed a foul plague of death upon humanity and succeeded in decimating the northern human kingdom of Lordaeron. The few humans who survived fled south to the protection of Stormwind.

No sooner had the undead struck than the demonic Burning Legion began its cataclysmic invasion of the world. The warriors of humanity stood fast against the Legion and helped save the world from imminent destruction. The defenders of Stormwind stand vigilant against any who would threaten the sanctity of their lands to this day. Situated in the foothills of Elwynn Forest, Stormwind City is one of the last bastions of human power in the world.

King Varian Wrynn ruled the people of Stormwind for a considerable amount of time. Backed by their stalwart allies, the armies of Stormwind marched forth to fight the savage Horde on distant battlefields, leaving the defense of Stormwind to its proud citizens.[1] (WoWMan 168) When the threat of the Lich King loomed in Northrend, the armies moved into the mountainous regions of that continent; though they proved successful in their campaign, it left Stormwind's forces weakened. They were further stretched thin by the explosive appearance of Deathwing and later by the latest invasion of the Burning Legion. During this precarious time, Varian fell to Gul'dan on the Broken Shore. Leadership then fell to his son, Anduin Wrynn.


Humans’ skin ranges from dark to light, and may have tones of other colors. Their eyes are blue, brown, green, gray, or hazel. Human hair is brown, black, blond, or red. Humans look like exaggerated forms of real-life humans, with men usually keeping their hair short and women usually longer. Beards on men seem very popular or shaving is just not common. Humans average six feet in height and weigh about 180 pounds, with men noticeably taller and heavier than women.

Starting info

Sir Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth

Humans start in Northshire Valley, a subzone located in northern Elwynn Forest.

Starting area intro voice-over

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From in-game video of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cataclysm beta:

Emboldened by the return of their heroic king, Varian Wrynn, the proud humans of Stormwind led the Alliance to victory in its war against the dreaded Lich King. While successful, the campaign in Northrend proved costly and the humans now seek to bolster their strategic holdings throughout the world. Under Varian's daring leadership, humanity now braces itself for a renewed conflict with its perennial enemy, the Horde.

Yet as the great Cataclysm rips across the world, familiar threats have once again arisen closer to home. It now falls to you to defend the kingdom and uphold the honor of humanity.

- in-game voice-over
This is the pre- World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cataclysm intro.
The noble Humans of Stormwind are a proud, tenacious race. Though the recent invasion of the demonic Burning Legion decimated their sister kingdom of Lordaeron, the defenders of Stormwind stand vigilant against any who would threaten the sanctity of their lands. Nestled in the foothills of Elwynn Forest, Stormwind City is one of the last bastions of Human power in the world. Ruled by the child-king Anduin Wrynn, the people of Stormwind remain steadfast in their commitment to the Grand Alliance. Backed by their stalwart allies, the armies of Stormwind have been called away to fight the savage Horde on distant battlefields. With the armies gone, the defense of Stormwind now falls to its proud citizens. You must defend the kingdom against the foul mongrels that encroach upon it and hunt down the subversive traitors who seek to destroy it from within. Now is the time for heroes; now Humanity's greatest chapter can be told.
- in-game voice-over

Starting attributes

Questionmark-medium.png This section concerns content that is potentially inaccurate. Reason: Possibly outdated since World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Warlords of Draenor.
Attribute Base Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Warlock Warrior Death Knight Hunter Monk
Strength 20 20 22 20 21 20 23 108 20 21
Agility 20 20 20 20 23 20 20 73 23 21
Stamina 20 20 22 20 21 21 22 99 21 21
Intellect 20 23 20 22 20 22 20 29 20 22
Spirit 20 23 22 24 21 23 21 42 21 20

Racial traits

Inv enchant shardbrilliantsmall.png  [The Human Spirit]ω ϖ—passive—Spirit increased by 3%.

Inv misc note 02.png  [Diplomacy]ω ϖ—passive—Faction reputation gains increased by 10%.

Spell shadow charm.png  [Every Man for Himself]ω ϖ—A 30-second cooldown is shared with other similar effects (i.e. PvP trinkets). It effectively gives you a free trinket slot when doing PvP, since you don't have to devote one for that ability.

Reasons for racial traits

One of the greatest advantages that humanity possesses is their aptitude for team work and leadership, therefore they are also well known for their skills in Diplomacy. Their leaders proposed forming the Alliance, and even ordinary citizens know that the right choice of words means the difference between leaving a good impression and leaving a great one.

Humans' tenacity is one of their best traits as a race. They will continue to fight through any level of adversity. Faced with invasions by the orcs, Burning Legion, and even the Scourge, The Human Spirit remains unconquered. This also contributes to humanity's powerful will to survive, demonstrated by the racial "Every Man for Himself" which shows humans doing anything necessary to survive and triumph over their foe.

Reasons for classes

  • Death knight World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King: The first modern death knight, Arthas Menethil, was a human. Many of these death knights were twisted paladins, either corrupted into insanity and cruelty or killed and risen as an unholy warrior.
  • Hunter World of Warcraft: Cataclysm: Along with many other races, humans have befriended animals as both companions and allies-in-battle, and thus many serve as scouts in the wilderness who favor the bow or rifle.
  • Mage: Humans have not always been aware of the power of sorcery. During the rule of Lordaeron, when the high elf population of Quel'Thalas was raided by armies of the Amani trolls, the high elves requested the help of the humans to aid in the defense of their elven kingdom. The humans agreed, and after successfully defending the land, the elves taught a small number of humans the gift of magic. It spread, and humans quickly mastered the arcane arts. Many great human wizards have come and gone, taught apprentices, and even established the mighty magical faction of the Kirin Tor.
  • Paladin: Many of the first paladins were humans. With their stalwart faith in the Holy Light, the Knights of the Silver Hand purged evil from the human kingdoms and sought to cleanse Lordaeron. However, paladins of the Scarlet Crusade were crazed along with the rest of their faction, shaming the Holy Light by killing anything or anyone not aligned with their "righteous" ideology.
  • Priest: Humans have always had a strong faith in the Holy Light and needed scholars to teach and spread it. They act selfless and just, giving charity to the needy and blessing the faithful.
  • Rogue: Not all human culture is noble and honorable. Much, if not all, of human history is molded and shaped by betrayal, backstabbing, greed, and deception. Thievery is common in the crowded streets of Stormwind City and the plains of Westfall, and many civilians are forced to steal just to survive.
  • Warlock: Not all human sorcerers have the best intentions. Many have grown corrupt, seeking power and delving into the darker schools of magic. Their hearts are tainted by greed and selfishness, and the majority go insane and join the Shadow Council, or allow themselves to be manipulated by horrid entities of the Twisting Nether.
  • Warrior: With a history of war, strife, and honor, many a human has picked up a sword or shield to defend their families, pride, and lands.




Patch changes

  • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (14-October-2014): Character models for races from the original game Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead, and Draenei have been overhauled with an increase to fidelity and texture resolution; while retaining the core look and feel of the originals.

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