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Hunter abilities depend on combat for light, fast, range-based warriors that shun the heaviest armor. Their agility and training afford them many defensive maneuvers and the use of a large variety of weapons. To survive in the wild, Hunters have learned to be the masters of deadly shots with bow or gun, as well as expert trappers. Their swiftness and expertise with ranged weapons is a sight to be seen. And their abilities only further the effectiveness of such weapons.

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Core abilities

Note: Players technically start in Beast Mastery spec; if a player chooses another specialization at level 10, the following are removed: Cobra Shot and Concussive Shot (removed for Survival only).
Ability Min Level
Call Pet Starts with
Cobra Shot Starts with
Mend Pet Starts with
Revive Pet Starts with
Concussive Shot 4
Dismiss Pet 10
Call Pet 13
Tame Beast 13
Feed Pet 13
Beast Lore 13
Eagle Eye 18
Ability Min Level
Freezing Trap 18
Aspect of the Cheetah 22
Exhilaration 24
Feign Death 28
Call Pet 34
Tar Trap 36
Flare 38
Exhilaration (2) 48
Aspect of the Turtle 70
Call Pet 57
Call Pet 80