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  • Hyperspeed Accelerators
  • Requires: Engineering (400)
  • Tools:
  • Reagents:
  • Permanently attaches hyperspeed accelerators to a pair of gloves, allowing a skilled engineer to increase their haste rating by 340 for 12 sec.
    The gloves can only be activated every minute.
  • 5 sec cast

Hyperspeed Accelerators is an engineer-only permanent "enchant" to gloves. This item takes the same "spot" as an enchant from Enchanting.

Materials required:
Inv ingot yoggthorite.png
6x [Saronite Bar]
Inv elemental crystal air.png
4x [Crystallized Air]

Patch changes

  • {Patch 3.2.0|note=Haste rating time increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.}

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