An icebreaker pulling into Menethil Harbor.

An icebreaker docked at Venture Bay.

Icebreakers are a new type of transport ship used by the Alliance. These massive paddlewheel-driven behemoths function on steam power to get through the icy waters of Northrend.

They can be seen at Menethil Harbor (Wetlands), Stormwind Harbor (Stormwind City), Valgarde (Howling Fjord), Valiance Keep (Borean Tundra), Venture Bay (Grizzly Hills), the Strand of the Ancients, and the Isle of Conquest.

It is possible that the steam powerplant and paddlewheel system for these ships had, at the very least, dwarven and/or gnomish technical expertise in their design, as both races have considerable experience with steam power.

Named icebreakers


  • They were previously reported to be called "steamships".[1][2][3]


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