An illusionist is a spellcaster who specializes in the use of the magic school of illusion, which consists mostly of deceiving the senses of others by summoning phantasmic phenomena. Illusion is the art of deceiving reality itself. The mist of illusion can make a mage invisible or inaudible to the world or twist the image of a location into something entirely different. Illusion can be used for disguise for manipulation. Illusions exist in the divination school.

Notable Spells



  • Lok'lira the Crone is an Illustionist in the Storm Peaks who uses Rune magic to create her illusions.
  • The Illusionist's Attire is an armor set for mages crafted by the trolls of the Zandalar tribe. Zandalari mages are known as illusonists.
  • Illusion as a school of magic is derived from the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game.[1] It was never given a formal article in the Warcraft RPG, although spells from the illusion school appear throughout the series.

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