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Important Note: The Interface AddOn Kit is no longer updated by Blizzard and has been replaced by Extracting WoW user interface files locally from the game.

The Blizzard WoW Interface Kit or UI ToolKit is used for assisting AddOn development, or for those who are curious and want to learn more about WoW internals. See also Viewing Blizzard's WoW user interface code.

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Note: the last and current downloadable toolkit is for interface version '40000', or World of Warcraft: CataclysmPatch 4.0 and compatible.


The Blizzard AddOn Interface ToolKit provides extra files and resources relevant to WoW AddOn development. These files are taken from the retail WoW MPQ files found in the WoW install and are bundled seperately so that WoW AddOn developers can look at and reference FrameXML files, Lua files, and other art and resources found in the game itself.

Most files used by WoW and the Blizzard WoW UI components are found inside MPQ files, which are sort of like .zip files and not easily accessible for reference. Blizzard provides these files as a convenience for AddOn developers and the community in general.

Just as there is no official Blizzard support for WoW AddOn development, there is no official support for the AddOn Toolkit either. However Blizzard had maintained a new Interface AddOn Kit and support page for every major version of WoW up until and including the release of the base Patch 4.0 for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cataclysm.

Blizzard's UI AddOn Kit Downloads

Art Work (350+ MB):
US - English (< 2 MB):
US - Spanish:
EU - English:
EU - Spanish:
EU - French:
EU - Russian:
  • Make sure you have a Blizzard Interface Data/ folder in your World of Warcraft/ folder (Blizzard Interface Data (enGB)/ for EU English client). You may have to create it.
  • Unzip and move/copy Interface/ to Blizzard Interface Data/
    • If you've also extracted the graphics, you'll want to know that textures are .blp files. Google for 'blp warcraft' to get an idea of what this means
  • Unzip and move/copy AddOns/ and FrameXML/ to Blizzard Interface Data/

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