Ironaya is a level 39 elite mini-boss found in the Map Chamber in Uldaman. Ironaya tries to guard the secrets of Uldaman from curious adventurers.

Objective of


  • Aggro: None may steal the secrets of the makers.


Notable loot
Inv bracer 19.png
Inv staff 28.png
Inv pants 01.png


  • She shares the same model with the Maiden of Virtue.
  • The start of the event is greatly reminiscent of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the results differ.
  • Ironaya shares the same metal with an "-aya" suffix naming convention as Auriaya, another titanic creation.
  • If you power ahead and open the door before using the staff (and completing the event), Ironya will be untargetable. She will not aggro your party either. The event must be played out in order for your party, or the player soloing the dungeon, to tap her.

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