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Jaedenar is an enclave of the Shadow Council in Felwood. The mortal of highest rank at the site is the orc warlock Fel'dan. Jaedenar is named after the Eredar warlock Kil'jaeden.[1] (WRPG 201) Together with Gul'dan, he originally founded the Shadow Council on Draenor. A Nathrezim named Lord Banehollow also exists at the back of Jaedenar and may be the overseer of the hold.

The Shadow Council and its warlock agents took up residence in a series of ancient night elf ruins somewhere within Felwood, though no habitable villages were found in the cursed region at the time. They have named this place Jaedenar, after the great demon Kil’jaeden. The Shadow Council purportedly seeks to spread the region’s corruption and evil to the rest of Ashenvale Forest, thereby finishing the legion's dire plans for Kalimdor's destruction.[1] (WRPG 201) It was once a druidic barrow den, but members of the Shadow Council overtook it. Under Kil’jaedan’s hand, the orc warlock Gul’dan founded the Shadow Council to spread dark magic among the orcs. The warlocks murdered the druids sleeping here and renamed the site in honor of Kil’jaedan. Fel’dan, the current leader of the Shadow Council, plans with the dreadlord Banehollow within Shadow Hold, which was once the largest of the barrow dens. Archimonde appointed Banehollow during the Third War and tasked him with the cultivation of a network of fanatical spies who would infiltrate and corrupt the lands of mortals. The majority of the residents here are satyrs, but there are a number of other demons and corrupted mortals residing in the walls of Jaedenar as well.[2] (LoM 16)

The central focus of Jaedenar is the corrupted barrow den of Shadow Hold.

One interesting note is that a High Elf Braelyn Firehand in Sun Rock Retreat serves Fel`dan in Jaedenar.

Quests to Get Before Arriving

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