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This page describes the boss in the level 85 heroic mode dungeon of Zul'Aman. For the old raid version, see Boss Jan'alai <Dragonhawk Avatar>.

Prior to fight, the tank should choose one of the two bridges as his position to tank Jan'alai. This is for the two egg hatchers who appear during the fight. The one on the same side as the tank should be allowed to pass, while the opposite hatcher should be killed before he reaches his group of eggs. ***If both are killed, then all the eggs hatch. *** Once the eggs have hatched on the tank's side, they must all be aggro'd and killed ASAP.

Jan'alai will cast a line of fire in a random direction. All party members must make sure not to stand in it. He will also teleport to the center of the platform and cast fire bombs, which summon spheres on the ground. Make sure to stay off of them. As long as you aren't standing on them, then you won't be damaged when they detonate. The tank must reposition on the designated spot to redo the process. This fight can become very hectic, so here's the breakdown for each role.

Pick a bridge side to tank Jan'alai. Dodge his line of fire. Don't attack the egg hatcher on your side. Pick up the firehawks when they hatch. Kill them quickly. When Jan'alai teleports to the middle, dodge his fire bombs and attack him. Once fire bombs detonate, reposition at the bridge.

Make sure to dodge his line of fire and fire bombs. The firehawks place a debuff that increases fire damage, so make sure to account for that.

Dodge line of fire and fire bombs. Kill the egg hatcher farthest from the tank. Kill the firehawks that hatch as quickly as possible.

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