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"Any references to "hoof to the face" need not be included. [1]"

Jeffrey Kaplan (alias Tigole) was a Lead Game Designer at Blizzard Entertainment, formerly responsible for world design of World of Warcraft (and subsequent expansions), including "quests, outdoor zones, dungeons, raids etc."[1]

Jeff was hired by Blizzard because of his status as Tigole, guild leader for Legacy of Steel on The Nameless server of EverQuest, and his rants on Sony Online's handling of endgame content in EverQuest made him a celebrity in the EQ community. The guild was founded by veteran EverQuest players Draed Vahn and Caswallawn Vahn and later run by Rob Pardo, a long-time Blizzard employee and developer on Diablo II and Warcraft III.[citation needed]

On February 12, 2009, Jeff announced that he was leaving WoW to work on Blizzard's other unannounced MMO project.[2]

He is now the Lead Game Designer for Overwatch. He seems to enjoy his new job.[3]


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