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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and official bonus maps.
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Juggernaughts (aka juggernauts) are large ships used in the Horde's navy.

The ogre juggernaughts (aka orc juggernaughts, Horde juggernauts and orc juggernauts) were used during the second war[1] (W2Man #?), and these orc warships are used to this day[2] (WoWRPG 208). These gargantuan ships of war are the main armament in the dark armada of the Horde. Heavily armed and armored, the Juggernaughts are veritable floating fortresses that constitute the greatest implement of destruction within the Horde’s naval forces. While not as swift as the Troll warships, these ruinous craft have quickly come to be feared across the seas of Azeroth for the unrelenting onslaught they render against the Alliance.[1] (W2Man 77)[1] The Horde are known to defend their Transports with Juggernaughts. The Foundry is instrumental in creating the massive armor plates and lethal cannons that are found on the greatest of the Orc warships - the Juggernaught.[1] (W2Man 82)

Orc juggernauts rule the seas, raining flaming death on anything foolish enough to combat them. However, orcs do not have as strong a navy as they used to. The Alliance dismantled orc refineries, and stripped their ships for parts. After the founding of Durotar, and the alliance with certain troll and ogre tribes, the Horde’s naval power grows once again.[3] (HPG 190) The earliest of the prodigy engineers developed the phlogiston-powered boilers that allowed the Horde to take its ironclad juggernauts to sea.[4] (M&M 40) The Horde’s oceangoing juggernauts, are so large or so difficult to construct that few tinkers could complete the task on their own. While untrained workers can assist by moving raw materials and handling simple tasks, multiple, skilled tinkers must combine their efforts to guide the project to timely completion.[4] (M&M 167)

An ogre juggernaught from the First War is under reconstruction inside the Deadmines, which is Edwin Vancleef's most ambitious plan. He has hired goblins to repair the ship, as it was their race that constructed the ships originally. VanCleef plans to use the ship to disrupt trade with Stormwind, thus depriving Stormwind of the riches that the city wrongfully withheld from the Stonemasons' Guild. VanCleef wants to turn the ship into a pirate ship.[5] (DF 139-140)


  • The so-called Orc and Horde juggernaught/juggernauts appear to be the same type of ship using the same type of technology as Ogre Juggernaughts, and appear to be built by the Stonemaul ogres much like the originals.
  • It is possible that ogres got to Kalimdor using these.


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