Jumping is an action characters, mobs, and mounts can do, usually while moving. This action can be used to jump over objects and up to higher level terrain. Jumping usually cancels any action that requires a cast time.

The default key press for jumping in-game is the <space bar>.

NPCs and mobs cannot jump but they can still find ways to climb a cliff that would even be impossible to jump up.


When you jump, WoW registers whether your character is indoors or outdoors as soon as you touch the ground.

Fun facts

  • Night elves randomly do a front tuck when jumping.
  • Blood elves randomly do a 360 spin when jumping.
  • Worgen randomly do a backflip when jumping.
  • If you press the jump button while mounted and not moving, you mount will perform a mount-specific action. For example, kodo will growl and swing their heads, raptors will roar, horses (both undead and living) will stand with two hooves, hawkstriders will shriek, and nightsabers will growl. (If you jump with a Mekgineer's Chopper or a Mechano-hog, the mount will just jump at the place.)
  • Jumping with a flying mount will cause the player to rise upwards instead.
  • Jumping in a no-fly zone with drakes will make them roar and raise their wings.