Keel Harbor

Keel Harbor

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is a harbor located in the northwest of Gilneas, just prior to crossing into the Headlands. This is where the night elves and worgen are attempting a final push against the Forsaken and orc attackers, driving them from Gilneas.

Worgen players arrive here after fighting in The Battle for Gilneas City and helping to lay their ancestors to rest in Aderic's Repose, including their prince, Liam Greymane. They regroup with other survivors and their night elf allies. After the combined forces have dealt with the Horde invasion, they escape from the doomed land to Rut'theran Village in Teldrassil.

Note: Do not accept any quests from Admiral Nightwind until you are ready to sail to Darnassus.


Near docks
Throughout town



  • As a shipbuilding term, keel is long beam laid at the bottom of hull and going through almost whole ship.
  • Keel Harbor may be also a reference to German port city of Kiel (pronunciation the same as Keel), which is one of the biggest harbors and shipbuilding centres in Europe.

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