Kegan Darkmar is a level 35 Forsaken found in the Lordamere Internment Camp in the Alterac Mountains. He is described by Warden Belamoore as someone who acts very nobly and he seems to care more about the safety of his companions. Kegan is the leader of the group of four Forsaken deserters that stole the Bloodstone Artifacts from Undercity. One thing that is reported in Belamoore's Research Journal is particularly important: "Remnants of the Old Gods still linger in the deep hollows of the world. New forces seek to harness that ancient power, and those who succeed will have a terrible weapon against their enemies". Could this imply that the Forsaken are trying to either summon Old Gods or try to use their powers? Either way, the Forsaken or at least a group of Forsaken are keen on acquiring the four Bloodstones pieces that were stolen from a secure vault in the Apothecarium because they sent Magus Wordeen Voidglare (or Magus is doing this on his own) to get them back. Whatever is in the Bloodstone, Kegan is afraid of it. Before becoming an undead, Kegan grew up in Lordaeron and his fondness for the now lost kingdom did not go away even when he became a Forsaken.



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