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Khaz'goroth, shaper of mountains and canyons, is a male Vanir Titan and the ultimate craftsman. He is a master of many arts and disciplines; with Eonar's help, he created Azeroth's dwarves, troggs, and perhaps, mountain giants. He crafted the mountains in which the Ironforge dwarves dwell — their kingdom’s name, Khaz Modan, means “mountains of Khaz.” A fiery, brooding entity, Khaz’goroth loves working at his forge and listening to tales of heroism and valor.[1]

During the empowering of the Dragon Aspects, Khaz'goroth granted dominion over the earth and deep places of the world to the noble Neltharion, the Aspect of the Black Dragonflight who, from the corruption of the Old Gods, later became known as Deathwing.

He is wise in building architecture and engineering. He created and shaped the mountains of Azeroth with help of his creations, the Earthen.

He was once in charge of a Titan facility under Bael Modan.[2]


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"Khaz’goroth begins most conflicts by summoning an elemental swarm to aid him and using greater dispel magic on an obviously enchanted foe. He then casts Bigsby’s crushing hand, imprisonment, and avatar before entering melee." If reduced to low health while in combat, he uses wish — to flee, finish off his opponents, or return himself to full health, depending on the situation.[1]


Khaz’goroth using Vulraiis at his forge

Small flames flicker across this stocky, bronze-skinned giant’s body. He frowns in obvious disapproval, and clenches a massive smith’s hammer named Vulraiis.[3]


Khaz'goroth the Shaper crafted this enormous hammer from ultrapure thorium, after which Aman’Thul and Norgannon worked together to enchant it. The hammer’s appearance suggests a smith’s tool more than a weapon, and indeed Khaz’goroth uses it at his forge. When he wields it in combat, however, it causes great seismic eruptions and splitting earthquakes.[4]

Long dead?

Novels This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

A tale of Lei Shen suggests the last members of the Pantheon, including Khaz'goroth, have been dead for millenia, killed by Sargeras around the time of the forming of the Burning Legion.[5]


Khaz'goroth is most likely based on the Greco-Roman god of fire and the forge, Hephaestus (Latin Vulcan). Additional inspiration might have been taken from Aulë, a Vala and one of the Ainur of the mythology of J.R.R. Tolkien, where Aulë was the creator of the dwarves (who called him Mahal, the Maker) and took part in forging the lands and mountains of Middle Earth.


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