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"Kirin Tor Monthly (March Issue)" is a book in Dalaran which can spawn in place of The Schools of Arcane Magic.

[30.8, 46.5]


Kirin Tor Monthly (March Issue)

So You Think You Can Cast: Frequently Asked Questions from First-Time Mages:

Q: I'm having trouble casting any spells at all. What can I do?

A: You may be suffering from dehydration. If you're having trouble casting a spell that you know you know, try drinking a glass of water! Proper hydration is critical to effective spellcasting.

Q: I can't cast fireblast! I just cast it a couple seconds ago and now it's not working. Help!

A: Having trouble casting a spell? Did you just cast it a few seconds ago? Some spells just won't work twice in quick succession. Try mixing in a few different spells while you're waiting.

Q: I peeked at my friend's spellbook in the locker room, and he already has way more spells than I do! What's wrong with me?

A: First of all, this is COMPLETELY NORMAL. Be sure to talk to your trainer regularly. He or she may be able to teach you some new incantations. If not, you probably just need more practice with the spells you already know. Be patient, you'll get your spells!

Q: My co-workers all seem to be doing more damage than I do. How can I catch up with them without looking like a dufus?

A: It's not all about damage. You can aid your group in other ways - Arcane Refreshment spells are a good example. If that doesn't pan out, perhaps a career in the arcane arts isn't the right career path for you. We hear that hunting is easy!

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