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This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.

For lore, see Kodo beast

The colossal Kodo Beasts of the Kalimdor plains proved to be valued allies of the Orcish Horde. The mighty beasts were charged with carrying the Orcs’ pounding war drums into battle. The huge kodos, serving as symbols of Orcish might and valor, also use their enormous size and strength to aid the Orcs in battle.


While their damage output is low and their unarmored armor type means that they quickly take damage, Kodo Beasts are a useful addition to Horde armies thanks to their War Drums aura. Their Devour ability also helps even the odds in battle by temporarily removing enemy units from play, even killing them if given enough time. 

Spells and abilities


Consumes a target unit, slowly digesting it and dealing 5 damage per second to it. If the Kodo Beast is killed while the consumed unit is still being digested, the unit that was devoured will pop out.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements
None Always Available None None
Duration Cooldown Mana Cost Range Area of Effect Allowed Targets Effect
None None None 10 Unit Ground, Non Hero, Enemy Devours Unit

War Drums Aura

All friendly units within the aura's area of effect have their attack increased.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time
None Always available None None
Duration Cooldown Mana Cost Range Area of Effect Allowed Targets Effect
Unlimited None None N/A 90 Air, Ground, Friend, Self Damage +10%


War Drums
Increases the damage bonus that the War Drums aura on the Kodo Beast gives. War Drums increases the damage of friendly units around the Kodo Beasts. Damage is increased by 10%.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time
100 WC3gold.gif 150 WC3lumber.gif Beastiary War Mill, Fortress 40 sec.

Patch Changes

Patch 1.03 (10/09/2002)
  • More hit points (1000, up from 790)
  • Higher cooldown (1.44, up from 1.20)
Patch 1.10 (7/1/2003)

The Frozen Throne

  • Now Unarmored.


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