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The Kodo Graveyard

A ghostly view

The Kodo Graveyard is a large gaveyard that is final resting place of the Kodo, location in Desolace.


In the waning years of their lives, kodo instinctively trek to the Kodo Graveyard in the center of Kalimdor, where they spend their last hours.[1] (LoM 32) Mighty as the reptilian kodo beasts are, they are not immortal. Those that feel the approach of death make their way through the Thousand Needles to the plains in eastern Desolace, where they eventually perish. No one knows why the kodo beasts come to this particular place, but it is a habit long maintained. The area is not only filled with bones, but is also inhabited by the sick and the dying; Neutral beasts who only attack if provoked. It is far from peaceful, however, as scavenging raptors, mighty lions and vultures come to feast upon the dying kodo beasts.[2] (WRPG 195)


The only hostile living mobs encountered at the Kodo Graveyard in-game are vultures. There is also a quest to collect kodo bones available in Desolace that requires the player to fight kodo apparitions which materialize when they attempt to loot the bones.


  • The entire concept of the Kodo Graveyard is a reference to the legendary elephant graveyards.
  • The Desolace graveyard is located here, as well as Ghost Walker Post, a Horde encampment of Tauren and Forsaken.
  • If you visit here while dead, you can see level 60 Kodo Spirits.
  • This is a good place to find Grave Moss, near the skeletons of the Kodos.
  • Some of the kodo skeletons do not contain structure, and you'll find yourself walking through them, while others are solid.
  • Many bones seem to be from kodos much larger than the ones than roam around the place.


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