This article is about the subzone. For the NPC, see Kor'kron Vanguard (NPC).

Kor'kron Vanguard

Kor'kron Vanguard in the TCG

The Kor'kron Vanguard is a Horde fortress at the base of Angrathar the Wrathgate, the gate to Icecrown Glacier, in the northern regions of the Dragonblight. It is manned by the Kor'kron Guard, the elite warriors of the Horde. Dranosh Saurfang, a mag'har orc and son of the High Overlord Varok Saurfang, is in command of the Vanguard.


After phasing


  • After a player completes Return To Angrathar (Horde), all NPCs will phase out of existence for that player and will no longer be available. Except for Numo Spiritbreeze, he will remain for flight services.