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Krystallus is a boss in the non-linear instance of Halls of Stone. He is an enormus Colossus at the end of the cavern-like room.


The fight works similar to Gruul the Dragonkiller, but his Shatter is slightly larger than Gruul's. He knocks back every group member, then eventually turns them to stone and finally breaks them. Stay away from each other while you turn to stone to avoid the damage caused. Easy in general.

Heroic Mode

  • Ground Slam - Knocks you back
  • Petrifying Grip - Goes for 5 counts (not necessarily 5 seconds), and then Shatter.
  • Ground Spike - Hits for ~3k Nature damage on Plate armor.
  • Boulder Toss - Hits for ~1450 on Plate armor.

!!!WARNING!!! Coming up to Krystallus you will see him in a hole in the wall above you BE CAREFUL, there is a glitch in which AoE or getting too close to him can pull him, His petrifying grip is zone wide and does hurt.

Tips for Heroic Mode:

Two manning

Interestingly enough, Krystallus can be killed with just one heroic geared (crit-immune) tank and one healer, no dps, although it may take some time. The key is keeping your toons more than 20 yards apart. That way the healer should be able to heal the both of you without ever running out of mana.


Normal Mode
Inv pants cloth 14.png
Inv helmet 121.png
Inv helmet 123.png

Heroic Mode
Inv pants plate 20.png
Inv jewelry ring 42.png
Inv shoulder 73.png
Spell holy summonchampion.png

Related Achievements


  • Crush....
  • Break.... you....
Killing a player
  • Ha...ha...ha...ha...
  • Uuuuhhhhhhhhhh......


  • Krystallus is one of the few Wrath mobs that can be mined.

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