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  • Charge: Charges a random character and stuns it, dumping aggro and hitting for around 700. This ability has a minimum range requirement.
  • Cleave: 4500 - 7000, used irregularly.
  • Mortal strike: 6000 - 7000, places a Mortal Strike debuff that reduces the effectiveness of any healing on the target by 50% for 5 sec.


Calls for aid at near death, pulling nearby mobs. Large radius.

This mob has an aggro wipe tied to charge. The charge will happen when members of the raid are standing too far from the brute. Hunter or warlock pets will not be subject to the charge. It is possible to avoid this by proximity, although his cleave is then a factor.

These mobs are immune to both stuns and snares.

The easiest way to handle these mobs is to have your tank face the mob away from the raid, and to have your raid stand grouped up behind the brute. If there are two or more brutes, have your tanks stack up on top of each other and face them away from the raid.

The cleave has a 180 Degree directionality, so as long as you are behind you will not get hit with the cleaver. If you are close enough(Estimated with 8-10 yards) nobody will be charged. The Brutes will still dump aggro once in a while, but the tank can immediately Taunt the Brute back.

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