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Laj is the fourth boss of The Botanica wing of the Tempest Keep instance in Netherstorm. It resembles a Lasher. Laj is located in the second to last large room on the map, just before the final boss' room.

Laj's Room

Upon entering the room, a fight can be seen in the center. Feel free to watch, but it is not advised that you get involved if at all possible. The battle can be skipped to proceed onto the final boss, but it may require a Mind Soothe or a Sap on the NPC closest to the door, as well as wall-hugging.


It has two primary abilities to deal with:

  • Allergic Reaction - A disease that does periodic nature damage and also increases damage taken by 500. Also, the disease can jump to other nearby players. Duration is 18 seconds, and it can be dispelled.
  • Summons adds - Two level 70 lasher-type mobs with about 5,000 hit points will be periodically summoned to the two pedestals near Laj. These will be either Thorn Lashers or Thorn Flayers, and they do considerable ranged damage. Laj will also teleport to his original location when he spawns the adds.


An ideal group for this fight is 2 ranged DPS, 1 melee DPS, 1 healer, 1 tank. At least one player should be able to cleanse diseases.

Laj periodically spawns two lasher adds and teleports to his original position on top of the platform, thus he should be tanked where he spawns. Assign one ranged DPS to kill each spawn and continue business as usual on Laj. The spawns can be of two different types: one uses a Mind Flay type attack, another will rapidly throw thorns. All of their attacks deal relatively large amounts of damage. They are vulnerable to both banish and fear, and the spawns are also vulnerable to rogue stuns/incapacitates (Gouge/Cheap Shot/Kidney Shot).

Laj puts the Allergic Reaction disease on the tank that should be cleansed immediately, because it increases the damage that the tank takes. Laj will also randomly change color. When he does this, he will be resistant to certain types of magic (just like the mobs on both sides of the Botanist). The following are the colors/resistances he can change to:

  • Blue (Frost Resistant)
  • Red (Fire Resistant)
  • Green (Nature Resistant)
  • Black (Shadow Resistant)
  • White (Arcane Resistant)

Heroic changes

There are no new abilities or strategies on heroic mode. The boss does more damage and execution is more important, but the strategy is essentially the same.


Normal and Heroic drops
Inv boots 05.png
Inv pants cloth 14.png
Inv shoulder 10.png
Inv shoulder 18.png
Inv misc cape 09.png

Heroic-only drops
Spell holy championsbond.png200200
Inv jewelcrafting nightseye 03.png
Inv jewelcrafting nightseye 03.png
Inv jewelcrafting nobletopaz 03.png

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