Lake Kel'Theril

Lake Kel'Theril is a frozen lake in central Winterspring. The shores of the lake are home to the Ruins of Kel'Theril, which along with the lake itself is populated by many tormented spirits of the Highborne. Adventurers come here to hunt ectoplasm for their tier 0.5 armor quests.

During the periodic Elemental Invasions Princess Tempestria spawn here.

  • Right above the lake,there is a frozen plateau (it has the same name of the lake in-game,but sometimes people call it Soulfrost Plateau).This plateau is linked to other ice blocks and if you follow them (impossible without a flying mount since the ice blocks are separated and there is a distance between one ice block and another one) you will reach a Frozen Throne located in Winterspring.This was completely unknow before the Cataclysm expansion because flying mounts weren't available before the 4.0.3 patch and,and there is a big distance between the normal ground and the plateau.