For the general region, see Wintergrasp.


Lake Wintergrasp on the southern edge of Wintergrasp.

Lake Wintergrasp was a large frozen lake covered in ice several feet deep. Below the ice, churning water rushed. Sometimes, local tauren and taunka would cut holes in the ice to spear fish, but if one fell in, the water would instantly freeze them. Icecrown River fed it from the north, which tended to be frozen on top also.

The lake sat midway up and just west of the Dragonblight proper. It was unknown if the lake had always been frozen, but it probably was, since Icecrown Glacier is right above it. "Frozen lake" was a misnomer, of course. The surface was frozen solid, and one could walk across it and could even drag a small cart if it was not too full. Yet beneath that sheet of ice the water flowed, so cold it could suck the heat from a person in minutes (if they were lucky) and so blue it rivaled a clear evening sky. The Icemist tauren would cut holes in the ice and spear the fish swimming beneath. It was bitterly cold near the water, and the wind can slice right through a person.Lands of Mystery, pg. 99</ref>

Lake Wintergrasp in World of Warcraft

The oblong lake on the southern edge of Wintergrasp may be what remains of Lake Wintergrasp. While the sub-zone is not named in-game, a concept map marks this as being Lake Wintergrasp. It seems that the former Lake Wintergrasp has been drained in recent times leaving only a series of lakes and streams.