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Land's End Beach

Land's End Beach is the most southern point of the Tanaris Desert

[60, 88]

, in the far Southeastern tip of Kalimdor. It is located at an abandoned piece of coastline which is only reachable by sea or by a small path on the eastern side of it. Some of the inhabitants are Goblins which had crashed there and have gone mad. There's a couple shipwrecks and some boxes with junk. Crabs and Sea Gulls also inhabit the area.

If you look into the distance at the most southern point, you will see a mysterious island, which you cannot reach by swimming without tricks or completing the quest given by Meridith the Mermaiden. With water walking granted by a shaman or an [Elixir of Water Walking], as a death knight with Unholy Presence and Path of Frost activated, or as a druid with the [Glyph of Aquatic Form], you can reach the island to find some empty goblin structures and several Southsea Freebooters wandering about. (NOTE: SOUTH SEAS ISLANDS IS NOT VISIBLE FROM SHORE AND THE EXISTENCE OF THE ISLAND IS BEING UNCOVERED)It was believed that the Island sunk during the Cataclysm.

This was once believed to be an undeveloped Undermine, the goblin city of much importance in lore, but now (as of patch 1.8) believed to be the South Seas islands included in the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain.


Mysterious island visible south of Land's End Beach.

When you click on the Inconspicuous Landmark, five treasure hunting mobs will assault you (one Combat Treasure Hunting Buccaneer, two Combat Treasure Hunting Pirates, and two Combat Treasure Hunting Swashbucklers, in human male, human female, and male goblin models). Their average level is 44-45. Consider bringing a friend or a tanking pet before interacting with the landmark.