Lard is a level 48 innkeeper located in Revantusk Village in the contested territory of the Hinterlands.

Before "Little" Logok was added in patch 2.3, Lard was the only ogre innkeeper in WoW.

He starts and ends the quest H [49] Lard Lost His Lunch.

The Revantusk Village Inn has two levels, the lower level is where Lard resides. It is on this level where you will not become rested, however it is where you will Hearth to if it is your home. You must climb to the second level of the Inn to get rested and get the "Triple Z's on your characters icon. Many players open tickets about this in an attempt to pass it as a bug without checking upstairs first.

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It has come to the attention of the World of Warcraft community that Lard was named that after the real word lard, meaning fat. Considering he is an Ogre and actually is fat it seems to fit quite well.



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  • Some World of Warcraft players believe that Lard secretly reads An Exotic Cookbook which can be pickpocketed off Ogres. The cook book guides the reader with instructions on how to cook and serve man.

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