General info

Found in Molten Core. Also called 'Pain Packs', these can consist of 4 different type of mobs, each with a different ability. Only the rock elementals can be banished.

  • Lava Reaver: Stone elemental with a tough melee attack and cleave.
  • Lava Elemental: Stone elemental with a frontal stun AOE that also lands a dot.
  • Flameguard: Continous small damage AOE that also debuffs armor, and a more powerful "flamethrower" AOE that extends in front of it.
  • Firewalker: Most dangerous of the 4. Has a fire resist debuff and then unleashes 3k damage fireballs, potentially very rapidly.

These are probably the hardest Trash Mobs in MC. They can wipe a raid easly if they are not controlled right. So it is important to have some distance between the tanks and warlocks to the rest of the raid (at least 20 yards). Let the tanks get their targets, and face them away from raid, and only then start DPSing.

Lava Packs always contain one Flameguard and one Firewalker, and either a Lava Reaver or two Lava Elementals. It is very important that the Firewalker and Flameguard AOEs not be allowed to overlap. The main tank is usually assigned to hold the Flameguard facing away and some distance beyond the party, while the off-tank holds the Firewalker and the Lava mobs are banished by a Warlock. The Firewalker is killed first, followed by the Flameguard, and finally each of the banished Lava Reavers or Lava Elementals.


Lava packs are on a 2 hour respawn timer.