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Group Roles

Leader Leader

Primary Function

Tank Tank
Healer Healer
Damage dealer Damage dealer

Secondary Function

Crowd control Crowd control
Main assist Main assist
Puller Puller
Rezzer Rezzer
Scout Scout


Hybrid classes
Meeting Stone
Pickup group

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Controlling member of a party or raid. Usually identified by a small crown icon (UI-Group-LeaderIcon.png) near their portrait.

Leader as a role

Main article: Instance grouping guide for a leader

In most dungeons or raids, the leader is expected to organize the group in some way and provide initial direction before a fight. In 5-man groups, only the game mechanic identified leader can usually mark targets, so it is customary to make that person the official leader. In larger groups, combat tactics during a fight are sometimes split between the leader and the main assist or given exclusively to the main assist.

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